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  • Over 15,000 honorary prizes on stock.
  • Personal consulting & sales directly from stock.
  • Custom-designs & individual refinement possible.

Cups | Sport Cups | Column Cups

No award documents success in sport as well as a cup. Probably no club or tournament can handle without cups as recognition for successful athletes and teams.

We elaborately designed large and representative Cups with a height of over 1 meter for big events, but also a wide range of medium and small sized Cups in many series and inexpensive designs for the smaller budget.

Cups and trophies for children in a large selection.

Gold and silver or additionally contrasting colors, bases made of marble or wood, classic shapes, column cups or modern designer cups - with our assortment you can offer your customers a wide selection that fulfills pretty much every wish.

Honorary Prizes | Tin & Metal | Plaques

Since centuries, tin and metal haven´t been used only for articles of daily use - also for memorabilia
in the form of reliefs, plaques and small sculptures. Artistic design and high-quality craftsmanship still underlie our murals also as reliefs made of tin and other metals such as aluminum.
Additionally engravings get a very individual personal character.

Our plaques, e.g. in oak, walnut or mahogany look, also convey a high appreciation. Optic and workmanship are precious. They are available as wall hangers in different heights and wide formats or also in coat of arms form and partly as display stands.

Glass Trophies | Jade Glass | Acryl Glass

Our glass trophies and glass goblets have an extremely clear and modern appearance in their material,
in their striking shapes and their cut. We only use heavy, crystal clear or tinted acrylic glass of excellent quality and combine it e.g. for acrylic glass panels with metal frames, metal embossing and engraved signs.

Our Noblesse glass trophies are something very special, which let classic trophy accessories, such as marble and emblem bases or columns with head pieces made of acrylic glass, become a real eye-catcher.
First-class finishing and the quality of the solid materials underline the value of these trophies.
Acrylic glass or acrylic trophies are high-quality prizes of honor. As a manufacturer and wholesaler for acrylic glass and acrylic trophies, we can also deliver large quantities immediately.

Sportprizes | Screwfix | Figures

Our self-developed system of screwfix-figures, plinths and columns, offers a huge variety of figures in modern and classic designs for almost every sport- and club related topic. The exact alignment of the figure is always guaranteed. Our assortment also includes heavy bases, e.g. made of marble and columns in modernly simple or classically elaborated look.

This results in an impressive variety of combinations for the special taste of your customers. At the same time, a comparatively small stock allows you to offer a wide range of display or sales items. Popular fire department figures, soccer figures and darts figures are available in different designs.

Medals | Signs | Emblems

Medals are the popular small forms of honorary prizes. These get usually completed with colored or embossed emblems, which exactly match  the sport or club theme.

Of course, there are also motifs for handball, athletics, swimming and carnival as well as soccer and children's medals in different variations and sizes.

We are able to produce emblems and medals according to customer templates with different production techniques, but always in excellent graphical quality. Many special designs are also available in three-dimensional embossing as reliefs. Also within our assortment: engraved and decorative signs.

Promotional Items| Giveaways | Sublimation Articles

Promotional gifts with added value - be remembered personally and individually. As a manufacturer and trader of promotional items, we are able to offer you a wide range of key rings, pens, office supplies and promotional products of all kinds, which are perfectly suitable as giveaways.

Laser engraving, sublimation or foil plotting can individualize a variety of products - so the
customers are going to remember you.

Gifts | Presents | Souvenirs

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays... suitable and individual gifts for each request. You can find unique and personalized gifts with a personal touch in our catalog.

In addition to a variety of special gifts, such as key rings, jewelry pendants, high-quality pens, sublimation articles, sublimation cups and commemorative plaques, we offer you the opportunity to print many of these items with your own motifs or get them printed directly by us.